Saturday, March 11, 2017

4 Major Benefits Of SSD Web Hosting

At Global Host Inc, we pride ourselves on the knowledge, experience and the array of features we work with. Our premium SSD web hosting solutions start at only $0.99 per month an come with free website migration, free website backup, free CDN, Softalicious, virus scans and OS reinstalls. In a nutshell, everything you need for a safe migration and a safe revamp on your hosting provider.
But most importantly, our SSD web hosting plans are great choice because of the:
1. Reliability – Unlike any mechanical hard disks which can just ‘die’, our SSD web hosting hardware prevent further write access at their end of life and make sure that every data stored can be read, no matter what happens. This is how safe and reliable SSD hard disks actually are.
2. Environmentally-Friendly – Technology is not what it once used to be, meaning that we must become aware of the choices we make with everything we purchase. Fortunately, SSDs as a web hosting solution consume less energy than spinning drives and are way cooler – which translates to greater environmental friendliness.
3. You Can Start From Scratch Or Upgrade Later – It really doesn’t matter if you already have a hosting provider and plan. With our premium SSD web hosting, we can find the right plan for you and migrate your website to a new hosting for free. As a bonus, you will get a free cPanel installation, free DDoS protection and a free business email linked to your domain.
4. Easy To Use – Global Host Inc. should be your choice for premium SSD web hosting – and the best way to prove why is because of the interactive and user-friendly drag-and-drop builder that lets you customize your website in the easiest way possible. You can drag, drop and modify information in real-time.
So, why settle for any hosting – when you have one that does everything for you at a starting price of $0.99 per month – and gives you all the free marketing tools you need to make your website profitable?
Contact us now and migrate or start your new SSD web hosting plan from scratch!