Friday, December 16, 2016

Shared Vs Dedicated Hosting - Which Is The Better Of The Two

Website owners just starting out choose to work with a shared hosting plan to get familiar with the system. As their business expands, many migrate to a dedicated server because of the added benefits it brings along. However, not all are able to make this decision at the blink of an eye because money is a determining factor. Even if your budget allows an upgrade to a dedicated server, you don't want to regret your decision in any way. This article looks at shared and dedicated WordPress hosting in greater detail bringing out the major differences between the two. Compare the two and make a decision that best suits your business needs. Shared vs. Dedicated The difference between the two is clearly indicated in the name. In shared hosting, a website rents space on a server shared by many other sites. The number of websites sharing a server varies based on the hosting company. If you go for the dedicated hosting plan, it means that you rent an entire server for yourself. Either the company has its own server or it asks the web hosting company for the dedicated plan. This main point of distinction brings in the other differences between shared and dedicated hosting. They are as follows. Bandwidth and Disk Space In case of shared servers, every site is allotted a limited amount of disk space and bandwidth per month. If the site oversteps this limit, they are charged with bandwidth penalty. A dedicated server is free of such restrictions as the choice of an individual server acknowledges your need for greater disk space and bandwidth. Server Performance, Level of Control and Response Time All these three variables are influenced by the number of websites sharing a server. A dedicated server wins hands-down in this regard. Sharing a server means sharing system resources. Other sites' scripts might slow your website or cause the server to crash. To add, the server serves requests in the order it receives it, on a first-come-first-basis. So, if there is another site on the server that brings in a lot of traffic, it might slow down page loads for you. A dedicated server also gives you greater control over your website allowing you to add your preferred applications, programs and scripts. Security In terms of security, the scale tips in favor of both. For shared hosting, the hosting company installs firewalls and security programs while for the other, it is your responsibility to install security measures. You can secure your website by installing high-tech security features. However, the chances of acquiring viruses, spyware and malware are higher on a shared server. If a hacker manages to intercept one website by hacking into the server, he will be able to gain access to your site too. Cost If cost is your determining factor, shared hosting is your best bet. The operating cost is distributed amongst all the renters and hence the cost becomes quite reasonable. The cost is the biggest drawback of the dedicated hosting plan. It costs nearly double of what you would be paying for a shared hosting plan.

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Why Choose Reseller Hosting.

Reseller hosting can be termed as a hosting type that gives you hosting for multiple websites most probably for business purposes. Most people buy the hosting from web hosting providers, and then they resell it to other customers. The reseller hosting will not usually require any separate mal server, web server, internet speed or DNS server. As a buyer, you can have your name on the templates as a web host even though you are just reselling. Reseller hosting comes in different types including:· Shared hosting· Dedicated hosting and· Co-location hosting The reseller hosting arrangements are that the web hosting firm supports the domain registration and transfer, database support, e-commerce and other services at an extra fee. With so many reseller platforms, it is important to choose one that has simplicity, great features and ease of use. You can search for good reseller hosting sites online using reliable search engines such as Google so you can get good service in the end. Look out for the following:· Round the clock technical support· Own web hosting company possibilities· Modern hardware· Support members that are knowledgeable· High performance servers The Benefits of Reseller Hosting 1. Reseller hosting offers you room to develop and grow, especially when you have multiple sites with plenty of traffic. You will get more features and enough space to handle it all without having to use different servers or URLs to do so. With a reseller hosting, you simply allocate space without the need to purchase additional plans. 2. It offers more features compared to standard hosting packages. The control panel is designed powerful and easy to manage the site effectively. 3. Since you will have a dedicated server, you will have no server issues, even when things go wrong. Reseller packages from a good web hosting company will give you full technical support to fix your problems as they occur hence making the hosting maintenance free. 4. It is cost effective in the sense that you get dedicated server features at no additional cost. It is also cheaper to run sites simultaneously with a reseller plan than separate hosting plans for every site. 5. It gives you more control so you can manage your site as you wish. You gain access to a variety of features which make it possible to control bandwidth limits and usage of disk space among other website running aspects. 6. A reseller hosting package also opens up new opportunities for you to make extra income. This is because you can simply resell any allotted space that is not useful to you. The hosting can be used as a great way of increasing revenue for the business so that the site does pay for itself and still provide you with all the space you need to run and also manage your business website effectively. Reseller hosting packages can be really helpful for any business person, especially when they are getting it from reliable and reputable web hosting firms. Consider all your options before choosing a provider and a package that will suit all your needs.

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